Andele’s Travel Tips

Planning Ahead

-Before you go on any trip, remember to factor in any miscellaneous expenses to your budget…parking fees, tips, tolls, taxes, etc. These can add up very quickly and can put a damper on any trip if not planned and expected;-)

– Use the internet to do your research!! You never want the reason you picked a bad hotel, restaurant, museum, etc. to be because of the lack of research! I use TripAdviser for every destination I plan a trip for. Lots of great pictures, shows pricing, customer reviews, and even let’s you go directly to the website of most hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. that you are looking at! I absolutely love it!

Keeping Important Documents

-Always make a couple of copies of your passport and emergency information before you travel out of the country, even if you have this information on your computer. You never know when you might need this info, and you do not want to have to only depend on technology. Leave one copy at home with an emergency contact, one with you, and one tucked away in your suitcase or hotel safe. I try not to take the originals out and about with me:-)


-Plan out your wardrobe!
Check the weather, think of where you will be spending your time: the beach, business meetings, a night out, etc.
I always tend to think less is more because I like to fit everything in one small suitcase for carry on purposes and I like carrying a lighter load. Do the same with other family members:-)

-If you like specific toiletries, it is always a good idea to pack a small airport approved bag with all of your favorites even if you are just driving. You never know when you’ll need them! I have found that some hotel shampoo/conditioner doesn’t always work for me. I never leave home without my favorite face-cleaner and moisturizer:-)

-When traveling out of the country bring an adapter! We like to bring two, and I always check things like my hair dryer for wattage levels…a girl needs her hair dryer after all;-)

Touristy Things

-If you are wanting to learn more about a place your visiting like the Colosseum, The Sistine Chapel, etc…save yourself some money, skip the tour, and download one of Rick Steve’s travel podcasts online for free!



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