Traveling during the Holidays…a new family tradition!

Holiday traditions are great! Baking Christmas cookies, building a gingerbread house, or posing for a family photo (this one might not be so fun for everyone, haha!). Some of you might string popcorn for trimming the tree or maybe even host a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party?! Over the past few years, we have added traveling to our list.




We started traveling every once in a while during Thanksgiving: a trip every other year to visit family in Atlanta, GA., a trip to our family’s cabin in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, a trip to Washington D.C., even a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Fl. one year!




Over the past few years, we have also included traveling during Christmas break. Why not travel during the holidays? Usually, you get some time off of work or school. Traveling adds new exciting ways to make those beautiful family memories! It can also be a great learning experience for you and your family…learning about history and culture in the places you travel to are so much more fun and eye opening. My favorite holiday family travel experience to date, was spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong! Being home for the holidays is a nice idea, but you can always make room for a day trip at least.




The past few Christmases have been magical! One year, we spent a few days in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Packed full of history and oh, so charming! We loved it! Last year we spent Christmas week in NYC!! It was an amazing trip for our family. It was also the very first New York City visit for our children. Our trip to NYC actually inspired me to start this very blog. You can read my first post on the following link…Christmas in New York City!







This year we are headed somewhere new! It’s a surprise for the kids and somewhere I have been wanting to visit for quite some time. You’ll have to visit this site again soon to see where we went. Trying to keep it a secret until Christmas;-). What about you? Do you like to travel over the holidays? Where have you been?

Thank you for reading! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Happy travels, everyone!




You can follow TADA’s photo gallery on Instagram @travelsadanceaway to see the rest of the #christmastravelcountdown photos. Just click on the following link…Travel’s A Dance Away!


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