Random thoughts from a Travel Blogger…

Okay, you’re probably wondering what I’m going to be writing about in this post because of the title, right?


Well, it has been over two weeks since I last posted, and it’s not because I don’t have ideas for more posts. I have started on three other posts about recent travels I’ve had. I have even started working on another TravelBook for the Createtrips app. To be honest, I just am not totally committed to my ideas right now. This is going to sound super “artsy”…I feel I need to be more inspired at the moment. This is something I’m sure other bloggers feel often, or at least I’m telling myself that, haha! I am asking myself questions like “where do I want to take this blogging thing?” and “how does this fit into my life right now?”.


It has been almost a year since I started blogging about travel, and I love it! Although it can be very time consuming, I feel it’s worth my time. My favorite part is when others ask me for travel advice. It’s really humbling because I know that I am no expert by any means, but I can still contribute a little to their travels or at least inspire others to travel a bit more. Recently, a student that was leaving soon to study abroad in Rome, thanked me for the TravelBook that I wrote and said that it was going to be very helpful to her. You can read more about it by clicking on the following link…TADA’s First TravelBook! That totally made my day and made me happy to see that my time invested was having a helpful return for others.


I always learn a lot about myself while traveling, but I have also learned a lot by blogging. I started this blog to keep record of my travels, and to possibly help a few of you along the way. I feel that I have accomplished those goals, but want to set new goals for myself. I hope to start this next year by making this site better and more user friendly. If you have any tips or suggestions please leave a comment, I could use all the help I can get! Also, I find it very intimidating when there are so many other amazing travel blogs out there. I feel I am still finding my voice and that’s okay. I know I can glean from others, but I want to stay true to me. I think everyone is calling it “living authentic” or something like that;-).


What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to keep blogging my travels, but challenge myself to be better at it! Sometimes that means taking a step back and evaluating things more. Maybe even putting off posting for awhile to find inspiration. Blogging is something I really enjoy, but I want to keep it that way. Thank you all for reading and I encourage you to find something that you enjoy and have a passion for! You never know what can be birthed out of that passion, maybe something great! And by something great, I mean even to help or to inspire just one person…even if that one person is only yourself! Hope you all have had a great year, and hope 2015 is full of great stories to tell! Might I suggest to take more trips;-) and to explore more of this world we are all apart of. Happy travels and remember Travel’s A Dance Away!

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”- Ibn Battuta




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