Road Trip Ready!

We take road trips often, and we are about to leave for one soon. I love road trips, but dread the questions “Are we there yet?” and “How much longer?”. Having the right “road-trip checklist” helps to make those long car rides much more comfortable and helps the time fly by quicker too!

Here is what we usually take with us:

-snacks (granola bars, fruit, water, etc.) I try to take healthier snacks because we don’t eat very healthy when we stop for meals;-). We usually stop at as many Chickfila’s and Starbucks as possible, haha! Especially on Sundays, why do we always want Chickfila on Sundays?! Those of you from other countries who don’t know what Chickfila is, it’s the best fast food restaurant in America ever…but, it’s closed on Sundays! Which makes it all the more desirable for some reason, lol!

-computer/DVD player/iPad

Download a new album or maybe make a playlist just for the trip. We like listening to the classics…Frank Sinatra, some Michael Buble, maybe this trip we’ll listen to some Christmas music to get in the Holiday spirit!

We also download movies for the kids. Maybe you’ll want to print off a list of games to play in the car. Click on the following links for some game ideas…Travel Games and more Travel Games! I’m not much of a game person, but I love playing a game we called “Padiddle”…at dark, you call out “Padiddle” when you see a car with only one working headlight. Whoever gets the most, wins. Simple, but I think I love this game because it reminds me of childhood road-trips taken with my family:-).

-light blankets
-phone charger
-baby wipes (for the sticky messes)
-hand sanitizer
-napkins or paper towels
-trash bag

What am I missing? What do you take on long road trips? What music is on your playlist? Whenever you do have your next road trip, I hope it’s a safe and happy one! Happy Travels and remember… Travel’s A Dance Away!IMG_0459.JPG


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