Top Ten Travel Inspired Gifts on my list!

Are you an avid traveller? Or know someone who is? Here are a few travel inspired gift ideas to help you find that perfect gift or maybe something you could use for yourself!

I have had my eye on a few of these, and secretely hope my friends and family read this blog post…my birthday and Christmas will be here soon! 😉

So here they are starting from cheapest to most expensive, but all under $100!

1. Lotion bars

I am constantly in need of lotion when I travel! I read about these online, and thought it was genius! No extra bottles, very convenient, and no mess!! Here’s a few that I’ve been wanting to try…click on the link below the picture to see more details.

Hand Lotion Bar with Cocoa Butter $4.50


Ostora Organics Lotion Bars $2.75

2. Gotoob and Gotubb containers

I absolutely love these! I just used the Gotoob bottles for the first time on our trip to Italy this Spring, they were amazing! No leaking…I repeat no leaking! They are soft containers, so you can squeeze every last drop of your toiletries out with ease. No wasting your precious face cleaner or moisturizer any more. Fabulous! I bought three, but want more for additional family members.

I haven’t yet but I want to try the Gotubb for little things like vitamins, earplugs, etc.



Human Gear Gotoob starting at $6.99 and Gotubb starting at $5.99

3. World Scratch off Wall Map

This is a fun one! You can scratch off all the places you’ve been. Great gift for home or office! Every time you look at this map, you would be reminded where you’ve been and dream of the next place you’ll go.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” Susan Sontag


World Scratch Map $9.99

4. Travel Tea Tins

I love hot tea! A lot of hotels have tea bags, but not always and not always a good variety to choose from. This is a great gift for that tea lover you know who also travels! Republic of Tea has a great travel gift set. You can even customize the tea assortment. All you need is hot water and voila…instant comfort. As they sip their tea, they’ll probably be thinking how thoughtful you were to give them this sweet gift.

Republic of Tea Traveler’s Gift Set starting at $12

5. Cocoon Grid-it Case and Organizer

My husband showed me this product. I haven’t tried it yet, but looks like a great way to organize cords and small electronic devices. The one shown in the following pic is designed for your iPad, but they have other sizes.

Cocoon Grid-it Case and Organizer $11.98

6. Travel Journal

Travel journals are a great gift. I know we all use our phones and computers more and more, but I still enjoy writing things down in a journal. I picked out these two.

Journey Journal $18

Leather Journal $25

7. 4-N-1 Adapter

Traveling overseas requires adapting to many different things…food, culture, climate, and yes even electrical outlets! Always be prepared by bringing your own adapter. I have two, but I don’t have this one. It reminds me of legos, and who doesn’t love legos? Plus, it comes together so tidy. Mine are a little less organized and not nearly as much fun.


4-n-1 Adapter $25

8. IPhone Extender and Monopod

I’ve been wanting to try a selfie stick out for quite sometime, but haven’t yet. I’ve seen some amazing shots taken with these. I’m excited to try one out on my next trip! Any tips from you photo experts out there would be greatly appreciated…make sure to leave a comment below. I need all the help I can get.

iPhone Extender and Monopod $25

9. iPhone Camera Ollo clip 3n1 lens

I’ve also been wanting to try out some lenses for my iPhone camera. Mainly because I don’t want to carry around extra baggage by tugging around a separate camera and case. I do, however, want to take better photos. The following pic is for the iPhone 5c, because that’s what I have. You can find even better lenses for other smartphones. Just make sure you know who you’re buying for and what kind of phone they have.

3-n-1 lens for iPhone 5c $60

10. Waterproof iPhone Case

Keeping with the phone theme, my last gift on my list is the life proof waterproof case because…well, it’s waterproof!! That being awesome in itself, this particular one is also thinner than some of the other cases I’ve seen. I don’t like bulky.


Lifeproof iPhone Case $72

Now once you’ve found that perfect gift for the traveler you know, how about wrapping it up in an old map to make it even more gift specific.

If you want to add an even more personal touch, you could use a map with the location of one of their most recent trips on it.

For those of you crafty detailed gift givers, you could also use a needle and thread to highlight the flight plan of their trip on the map.


Now that you’ve read what’s top on my list for travel inspired gifts, I would love to hear some of yours! Leave a comment below by clicking on the little black bubble to the right! Thanks for reading…happy travels!

*All opinions are my own, Travels A Dance Away(TADA) was not compensated in any way.

*photos were taken from the links provided in this post.

I just couldn’t help adding this one… a battery pack for my IPhone!!! I need this, and it really should be top on my list! On my most recent trip, I was sitting on a bench anchored to my phone as it was charging in a gift shop at Disney World. *bummer*

I should have been enjoying the Space Mountain ride with my family instead! I met someone there that gave this brand a high recommendation. She said that she can get two full charges sometimes…I like the sound of that. Here’s the link to buy one for yourself or as a gift…Jackery Premium Battery Pack $29



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