Top 15 of my favorite things while visiting Hong Kong

I had the awesome opportunity to visit Hong Kong for an entire month with my family!

While there visiting with friends, we enjoyed Asian culture for the first time. Here is a list of the top 15 of my favorite things:


1. Park Island

We were blessed to stay on this beautiful island in a friend’s apartment! Park Island is a private housing estate located at Ma Wan.

I spent most mornings and evenings looking out on our balcony and the roof top terrace. The view from our apartment is my second favorite thing.

2. A little quaint fisherman village

I loved watching this peaceful serene view of fishing boats traveling to and from the floating village. On a few occasions, I could see the same fisherman accompanied by his dog and wondered what stories he had to tell?

We loved exploring this island! You’ll find beautiful views, a pleasant community feel, restaurants, shops, and even a theme park!


3. Noah’s Ark Theme-park.


Noah’s Ark Theme Park is a great little place to take your kids. You can check out more about it here on the following link…Noah’s Ark Theme Park. We also tried udon noodles for the first time at their restaurant.


You can even stay over night or for an extended stay at their very own hotel. Make sure to gaze at the artwork inside the hotel…the talented artist is the managers wife.

Close to the theme park, you’ll find a little sandy beach. This is a great spot for a picnic and perfect for a family photo op!



4. Ferryboat rides

You can get around Hong Kong by taxi, bus, subway, and my personal favorite ferryboat. The Star Ferry was my absolute favorite, because of the skyline views!

I loved traveling to and from the main island on a ferryboat! A great place to people watch…my favorite past time. You’ll likely see locals working on their computers, reading books, listening to music, even napping. Riding on a ferry is also very affordable! Make sure to arrive a few minutes before their departure time, they are very prompt and will leave without you. We found out the hard way…whoops!

5. Ladies Market and 6. Flower Market

I put the Ladies Market and Flower Market together because they are so close in distance.

The Ladies Market is located on Tung Choi Street. I bought the loveliest tea sets and many other beautiful items to bring home as keepsakes and gifts!


Hold on to your belongings! This is a hotspot for pickpockets. I had an experience with this, but thankfully only a few tickets to a church event was taken…talk about getting what you deserve;-). That’ll teach him to reach in my bag! Lol!

Just a few steps away you’ll find the flower market. I would go there every week if I lived in Hong Kong! Pretty much any flower or plant you could imagine for a fraction of the price here in the States.


7. Hong Kong Disneyland

We loved Hong Kong Disneyland! This was definitely a highlight for our kids! You can check out some of the featured attractions and ticket info here on the following link…Hong Kong Disney.

It was so intriguing to find Chinese people literally waiting in line to take a picture with our youngest. We found out later that some of them were from Mainland China and hadn’t ever seen a light skinned person in real life.


8. Hong Kong Fashion Week

My friend, Cami, got us tickets to my first ever runway show during Hong Kong Fashion Week!! I was excited to say the least!



Me and my friend along with one of the designers represented that evening…


9. Learning to make dumplings

I love dumplings! There were a few meals that I really enjoyed while in Hong Kong, one of which was hot pot. Hot pot is an Asian fondue. You place a pot of broth of your choice on an electric hot plate, and then cook variations of veggies, noodles, meats, and you guessed it…dumplings!

This is a great meal to share with friends and family. You get to prepare the meal together and enjoy one another’s company during the whole process. I don’t quite have it right just yet, but I enjoying trying;-).




I wasn’t brave enough to try it, but my husband met up with a friend and ate another Hong Kong favorite, Dim sum (including chicken feet).




10. Tea Time

I love tea! I drink hot tea at least once a day. I knew I would find many Asian teas, but was unaware that English tea is a very popular Hong Kong past time.

Hong Kong was a British territory for over a hundred years. All street signs are both in Chinese and English, we found most Hong Kong residents to understand and speak English, and found many English tearooms.

Next time I find myself in Hong Kong I would love to attend afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

11. Taking the Tram up to the Peak


We took the tram up to see the Peak where you get breathtaking views of the city! You should go on a clear day. Time it just right, if you can, to go at daylight just before sunset. We went at the right time, but it was a dreary foggy day! No good photos for us:-(. You can go to this following link for more details and photos…Victoria Peak.

12. The Laser Show


This laser show begins at 8pm nightly and can be seen from both sides of the harbor. You can find out more here…Symphony of Lights.

13. Chinese New Year

“Kung Hei Fat Choy!”

We had the pleasure of visiting Hong Kong during their yearly celebrations of Chinese New Year! Parades, fireworks, family parties, and the giving of red envelopes with monetary gifts. Red envelopes or red packets were believed to protect the younger generation from sickness or death.

You can find orange trees placed outside homes and business at this time…the small oranges symbolized gold coins.


It was fun to be participating with everyone as they celebrated the Chinese New Year! My oldest had her birthday during this time and felt special, as if everyone was celebrating her as well;-).



14. Loved meeting up with old friends and making new ones

It was so nice to see my friends that had moved to Hong Kong from North Carolina. Even though they are now living back in the States. I loved to be able to be apart of their lives for a brief time in Hong Kong. So glad they asked us to come visit them!

We also enjoyed getting to know new friends and hope to visit them again some day.

15. Learning together with my family about Asian culture

We went to local museums, ate with locals, participated and learned first hand how life is done in Hong Kong. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I enjoy traveling, but what I enjoy more is traveling with friends and family!

I am so grateful to have had this experience with my husband and children! We made memories to last our lifetime and collected special moments not things.

Now back to you! What are your favorite things to do in Hong Kong or why would you want to pay a visit? I would love to hear from you!! Leave a comment below by clicking on the black bubble on the right. TADA (Travel’s A Dance Away)!





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