A Taste of Venice! Gondola Style

We heard mixed reviews on whether or not to be the “ultimate tourist” and take a personal gondola ride. We went back and forth…should we, shouldn’t we?

In the end we decided to just enjoy watching others enjoy their ride down the narrow canals of Venice guided by their personal gondolier! We did enjoy plenty of boat rides, of course! Just not in one of the gondolas.

Several things helped us come to this conclusion. One being it was drizzling a bit, I couldn’t see myself enjoying it entirely while trying to stay dry under an umbrella;-). We also were trying to stick to a budget…90plus euro seemed, at the time, not so appealing.

I don’t want to say it is or isn’t worth the money…just that, when you have the choice of buying more, eating at a nicer restaurant, or maybe splurging on a massage you think a little more about the decision. Am I right?

Maybe when I return to Venice, I’ll dig a little deeper in my pockets and enjoy that gondola ride…hopefully, with better weather ;-). For now I’m content with my decision to just watch them go by…no regrets!

Hope you enjoy them go by too! Here’s a video taken while we were celebrating in Venice! Press the link below to watch.


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