Celebrating in Italy! Florence Part 3

We wondered to ourselves…”What should we do next?”

We already had front row seats at the Galleria dell’ Accademia to see the statue of David, climbed many stairs to see panoramic views of the city up the Duomo, roamed through room after room at the Palazzo Vecchio, and saw famous paintings like the birth of Venus and La Primavera(Spring) by Sandro Botticelli at the Uffizi Gallery.



Boboli Gardens

What should we do next? Why pay a visit to the Boboli Gardens at Pitti Palace of course!

We had wanted to visit the Borghese gardens in Rome, but didn’t have enough time. So I’m glad we decided to visit the beautiful Boboli Gardens in Florence!

It was very large and would have been amazing to bring a picnic lunch. There were so many places to sit, relax, and to enjoy picturesque settings. I could only imagine what it would have been like to have as your very own back yard like the Medici family did long ago.





Here is Jason by the Neptune fountain.



Of course, being a dancer, I had a few dance photos taken of me.



Once you reach the back end of the garden, you’ll find a beautiful rose garden and a building that houses beautiful vintage tea sets and place settings. Oh, how I would love to attend a tea party here!





We took beautiful picture after beautiful picture…it seemed like this garden would never end!




Pitti Palace

The day was bright and sunny and you could hear the birds singing a song of happiness and contentment to be in such a beautiful place. After we finished exploring the garden, we took a tour inside Pitti Palace. I would have loved to see it in its prime, attending a masquerade ball, maybe?!




Francesco da Firenze
The last photo is a good segue to my next adventure! The photo shows some of the excitement I felt when I met someone I feel I have been waiting my whole life to meet…a real-life shoe cobbler!!!

Okay! Okay! Maybe I’m being a little to over dramatic? But! I absolutely love shoes! I mean, I know I can’t be the only one out there that will literally buy an outfit just to match a pair of shoes that I love? Am I right, ladies?! (or gentlemen…no judging here😉)

So you could imagine how I felt when I not only got to buy a pair of beautifully crafted handmade shoes, but I got to meet the shoe maker himself!!! A highlight of my trip to Florence for sure!



When we first arrived the shop was closed for lunch. We went for a cannoli then came back. The cannoli was so fresh and delicious! I could have eaten six more!



It took me awhile to pick out a pair of shoes, they were all so pretty! Once I found a perfect fit and settled on a style and color, I asked if I could tell the shoemaker how much I loved them! He was very happy to hear my love for his handiwork and showed Jason and I around his shop. He could only speak Italian, but we were still able to communicate a bit thanks to taking an Italian course online called Fluenz. He was the cutest Italian man ever! For me, it was like meeting a celebrity;-). I hugged his neck and he let us take photos. What a sweetie!






If you want a quality pair of handmade leather Italian shoes…you should definitely pay a visit to Francesco da Firenze! Maybe you’ll even meet the shoemaker?!
The address is Via Santo Spirito 62R, 50125 Florence, Italy


Piazzale Michaelangelo

We ended our day watching the sun go down at Piazzale Michaelangelo. Another journey up many steps, but the views are worth the walk. You can dine at the restaurant and enjoy music by local artists. We just enjoyed the views and discussed the details of our time spent there in Florence.




I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our visit to Florence! I hope you will have the pleasure of visiting Florence one day…if you have already, I would love to hear about some of your favorite things. So, comment below! Till next time, Ciao! TADA!(Travel’s A Dance Away)






2 thoughts on “Celebrating in Italy! Florence Part 3

  1. So much fun reliving Florence through you. Visited the gardens, but my allergies did not allow me to make it all the way to the tea cups. Love that you met and interacted with the cobbler. Great works of art were just lost on me, so I did a lot of people watching.

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