Packing for Italy!!

Ever wonder how to make a travel wardrobe with what seems like endless options while only taking up minimal suitcase space???

Well, maybe I can help! I make it my goal to travel light. I don’t like checking on bags for several reasons, but my first reason is that I like to be able to carry all of my belongings with ease on my own;-). My husband jokes with me that I’m independent and that “I don’t need a man”. All joking aside, he secretly appreciates that I’m not asking him to carry all of my stuff along with his!

This time I was packing for an anniversary trip to Italy. I had a lot to consider, I mean, I do like to be fashionable and this was Europe after all;-). I also had a new goal, I wanted to leave space for shopping…like shoe shopping!!

So off to work I went! First plan of action to decide how many days I need to build a wardrobe around and to plan for weather. We were going to be gone for ten days including travel. I also had to take in consideration that when we flew back we were going to the beach for a graduation we were attending…so I had to pack for that as well. After googling the weather, I went for a visit to Andele’s Boutique (aka my closet).

Always start with your own closet. I think most people have the urge to go shopping for clothes and accessories before you leave, but wouldn’t you rather spend that money on your trip? So, unless you are just purchasing a few pieces or accessories to make an outfit complete just stick to your own closet and save that money!

Here’s what I started with


I chose to bring two pants suits, a black one and a white one. This will automatically boost options for any wardrobe! For instance, most shirts will go with black or white pants. Then simply add a blazer and a scarf or statement necklace and Voila!…you have and an instant wardrobe change!

So, for the ten articles of clothing in the above pic, I tried on twelve different outfits! I also picked out two necklaces and four pairs of flats (No heels for me this time, too much walking to do;-). Here are the outfits I put together!













I then added two scarves, basic white v-neck, basic grey long sleeve v neck, simple black T-shirt with a ruffle detail, and a pair of grey converse. Now my options are practically endless! Along with my undergarments, make-up, and toiletries (excited to show you my new toiletry do’s and don’ts…that’ll be my next blog!) I’m Finito! Well, not quite…now to pack for my hubby;-)

The below pic is of my accessories and basic white, black, and grey tops! Use your imagination! You can see adding these items make a big difference on your wardrobe options:-) I like options!


I know what you’re thinking…what about bags? Here is a pic of my choices. I only want to bring two. The brown bag for everyday use and one messenger bag for those “touristy” overpopulated areas where people can easily be pick pocketed to pack in my suitcase (or “valigia” if you’re Italian;). Which of the two do you think I should pack? I can’t decide:-/


Okay! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…an answer and proof of how I’m going to fit all of these items including a curling iron, toiletries, small first aid kit, undergarments, bathing suit, and more into a small carry on?!? TADA!!



I did it!! I even have a small space for items to buy! Yes, I will probably need more room than that for gifts I purchase for other people like family and friends…yes, mom and Becky that means you;-). Jason, my hubs, and I have already decided to bring an extra empty duffel bag to carry in his suitcase for such purchases…yes, always be prepared;-). We will have to “check-in” this bag on the way back.

Oh wait! Wait! I almost forgot! My travel outfit! This is an important outfit. You need it to be comfortable and you can use it to carry the larger items like a coat or boots. These items are large and take up a lot of space, so be strategic about this outfit! I like to use the same outfit both on my way and on the way back…that way I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear. I leave you with a couple of pics of my travel outfit of choice. Please feel free to comment and help me to figure out which one of those messenger bags I should bring;-) I would love to hear from you!! TADA!





4 thoughts on “Packing for Italy!!

  1. Great wardrobe! I think the yellow bag will look nicer but the darker bag is stealthier and less of a target.

    Have you considered flat rate shipping for your purchases? It’s about $40 US from Europe for a decent sized box. I shipped back some liquids (olive spread) that way. One less thing to think about on travel day.

    • Thank you! Great advice about the shipping…I assumed it was much more expensive than that. Also, I’m excited to read your blog! I think you’re right about the bag…I like the yellow better too, but the darker is probably the best choice;-)

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